Sunday, 18 September 2011

In My Memories

With time, tears will definitely stop rolling down the eyes. However to live life, eventually one needs to make an effort to smile.
Take today’s date and try to remember how your life was on this date in 2010, 2009, 2008. Not that difficult I guess. A little bit of thought on this and you will know if your life is moving in right direction.
I do this, quite often. Not intentionally, it just occurs to me time to time. Like it happened today. I remember a year ago this date I was excited and busy planning my future, deciding what career path I wish to take. 2009 First term exams in college, life was super hectic and bad. I wasn’t sure where life was actually moving both personally and professionally. 2008 I was actually in the best phase of my life. I can term that time as “Perfect “both personally and professionally. Was about to start my first job and was about to rise in love which finally was a big fall. 2007 seventh semester of Btech , had three jobs in hand , was having great time playing all kind of sports with friends.
So stupidly if I try to plot it in graph ( I guess my job has made me analyze everything with charts and graphs) , if 2007 was good  then 2008 was great. 2009 surely the lowest point in graph. 2010 the curve had again a positive slope.
Now comes the main question. Can I say September 17,2011 the curve is still heading north. Strangely, Mind says YES, heart says NO. That means professionally kinda yes, am happy with the way things are turning up. But personally a Big No. Away from family, living single life, its not that great.
I miss my life the way it was this very date in 2008 and if given a chance am ready to go back in time to this very date in 2008 and start again from there.  I have heard many people say they have no regrets about what has happened in past but I do have and I feel those people just lie because they are afraid to accept it.
The only good thing about the mistakes I did is that I have learned from them. Atleast I don’t repeat my mistakes. And I remember those golden days in 2008 with a smile.
I suggest you guys give it a shot and try to remember where you were this date last 4-5 years and do you miss something or are you very much happy with where you are right now. A simple thing to do , will take 10 minutes but I do believe will make you smile and feel good about life.

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