Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Real Act

“Life is a stage and we all are actors “
I always had the desire to watch live plays (theatre) . And I shared that desire with her, so we decided to watch it together. Alas, it never happened. Every time I crossed that road near CP where there is theatre, it reminded me of her and the promise.
After that, I planned it with college friends to go and watch it. However, some plans die as plans. It never really happened. But I decided I will definitely watch a play this year.
Now in Chennai, there is nothing to do on weekends. Seriously, there is one good mall Express Avenue and on weekends its crowded like crazy. Seems almost half of Chennai is in that mall. People come up with their super extended families (parents, kids, distant cousins) and walk in the mall for hours. And if you want to watch a movie in Chennai on Saturday or Sunday, you have to book ticket by Wednesday, oh no by Tuesday night 2 am (online ticket opens Tuesday midnight ) . I tried once Wednesday morning before going to office and the show was houseful.
As it’s said everything happens for good, so when I asked a local friend “IS there anything to do on weekends “, then she told me that the concept of live theatre is quite popular here. And wow when I searched it online, I found it is true indeed. So two months I have been here in Chennai, I have watched 3 plays and stand up comedies. Its fun and I really enjoyed watching live theatre.
Next month am going for the fourth one, have booked tickets for it. It will be second time am going to watch Naseeruddin Shah live on stage. Incidentally, the first play ever I watched was his only. His presence on stage is phenomenal.
If you never have watched live theatre then I recommend atleast try it once. It is worth an experience.


  1. Go to website : , there you can find events happening in your city.