Thursday, 8 September 2011

Just Let it Go

“pa pa pa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra !!!!! “
Season 4 Episode 6. That is what I just finished of “How I met your Mother “. Oh, ya finally am watching this series. Credit goes to one of my friend, she talked so much about it that finally I started watching it. Initially I was reluctant to it thinking that it will be just another romantic series but no it is actually fun to watch.

 One of the reasons because of which I didn’t want to watch it has actually got justified. I always thought watching such a series will make me try to link some part of my life with it. And now as I am on season 4 I can definitely say YES.
So this Episode actually has made me write this one. Had a déjà vu feeling watching  this one. Here Ted talks about how to deal with a break up . There are three options : 1) Swallow your anger 2) Throw it on someone’s face and 3) Just let it go.
Third option at first thought sounds so impractical. How can one just forget what happened. One keeps looking to just burst out at the other person or stay in pain till the time the anger goes down. But here I do agree when Ted said that the third option if implemented actually helps you get out of it and then move on with life in a good and happy way.
There cant be any other good way other than to forget something which we know is not going to work out. No point in crying what we are sure is not going to come back. The best way to see it as Ted had thought of a line to say to her  ( * with some of my words added ) “ Its not me who is going to lose out on something , You have just made the biggest mistake of your life” .


  1. Just let it go is the hardest options for me

  2. technically, ted wanted to say those lines b4 he let go... he actually did let go whn he saw stella so happy wid tony, thaz when he realised that tony was & will always be the guy for her... SO, he just took a walk... the TRUE LET GO!!!! ;P

    & its not easy to take that walk dear.. true story!!!! :D

  3. @Arif : It is the hardest option but believe me its the best option else you will just fall in a vicious circle of pain and anger.

    @Geet : I agree its not easy to take that walk , really difficult when you know you are crying because of what some1 else did to you , but again believe me somebody did that few months back n he is really happy and proud of it :)