Saturday, 15 October 2011

Crazy Mad World

Every Monday I wake up and the first thought that crosses my mind is “Here starts another week”. The goal in mind is to have a good week in office, do the work well, come up with good fancy numbers, stats and transform them into well-written reports, ensure everyone is happy with my work, and wait for the Friday evening. By Wednesday, I plan for the weekend, book tickets for movie ensuring the timings do not clash with the football matches.
Its been four months I have been doing this week in and out. Yes am enjoying doing this. Feels good to be a part of financial world. I don’t wish to think much about future as what I should be doing 1 year down the line, 2 years down the line or say 5 years.
But strangely the World do thinks about me even if I don’t want to think. So people come up to me and ask “Hey machha, so how much time more you plan to stay in Chennai “? , “ Dude aren’t you tired working 12 hours daily “ ? , “ So Rauuullll, settled in job, when do you plan to marry? ” ..
Initially I tried to give logical answers to each of them, “Chennai, I guess another 2 years”, “ Naah am having fun working and I stretch the working hours myself as I have loads of work “ , “ I plan to settle down after 3 years”.
But then I was flooded with counter questions, “ Whaaattttt, you cant survive in Chennai for 2 years”, “ Think about your health, don’t work for 12 hours” ,  “ Isnt it too late for marriage ?”
So I came up with some witty answers :D . “ I love Chennai, am going to live here for my life”, “ Work is God, I plan to stretch my timings further more “ , “ Please please find me a good girl , am ready to get married asap”.
I thought that was going to stop the world from asking me further questions. But the World is actually mad. One of them actually came up with a stupid counter question, “Will it be fine if the girl is vegetarian? “. I just stared at him and left without saying any word.


  1. The same question make me mad, "when do you plan to marry?"

  2. So When do you plan to marry ??? :D