Saturday, 8 October 2011

Resolutions Update

Its the month of October now. I made this list in December 2010 and was really excited by the time I ended this list thinking I have so much to look forward to this year.
I guess it has been a good year till now.
1. Start reading novels - Read some novels when I was free in Delhi. Havent read anything since I started working. Plan to start a novel today.
2. Learn guitar - Naah..Havent joined any guitar class yet. Somehow I feel I dont have patience to learn it.
3. No stupid personal hiccups/relations - Absolutely. Dont even have time to get into all this now. Everything ended with college.
4. Enjoy work n life in new job - I am having a good time in office. Not sure about life as both seem to be same for me these days.
5. Do what i feel like - Have done that by coming to chennai and somewhere am proud of my decision.
6. Stay in touch with college/school friends - Have tried my best to stay in touch. Some reciprocated , so we are in touch, others god bless you.
7. Give a thought on drinking - Tried that. Didnt feel anything special about it , so I guess drinking is not for me.
8. Give a thought on leaving non-veg - Have left non- veg and I feel good about being a vegetarian. Am really happy I took this decision.
9. Clear CFA level 1 - Sadly didnt register for paper this year. But its something which is in my mind and I will surely be CFA someday in future.
10. Watch Formula 1 race in Noida - I will be in delhi on F1 weekend and if I feel like going I will surely make it somehow.
11. Cut down on online time - My job has ensured this.
12. Learn a new sport ,may be lawn tennis/swimming - Have time only during weekend and am left with no energy to play.
13. Visit goa,singapore,rajasthan n thailand - Postponed to next year.
14. Save money n spend new year eve in US with smarth n puneet - Have saved enough money for this but with friend's marriage coming up in january, am not taking off in december.
15. Atleast complete half of the above 14 - Difficult to say, but am happy J


  1. bhai Formula 1 dekhne chalna hai na ? Ek aur resolution complete ho jaayega :)