Sunday, 25 December 2011

Out of the comfort zone

I was rated as one of the best bowlers in my society when I was 11 years old. I always got an opportunity to play with the senior team in my society and the junior team (the age group I belonged), was doing really well in sports that point of time. However, I was always scared to take the responsibility. If the opposition needed 6 runs in the final over, you could find me slowly moving towards the boundary so that the captain don’t notice me and ask me to bowl. I was happy in my comfort zone and was scared to let the team down in case I don’t bowl well in the last over. Things changed when I got a shake up and was no longer the main bowler for the team, I started taking responsibility to win matches for the team and again became the main bowler. It needed an external factor to get me out of my comfort zone.
I admit, I was damn scared to go to Infosys. Living out of home for the first time in my life. I tried real hard to get a job in Delhi/NCR , got couple of offers but those I was sure were not best for my career. The only reason I gathered courage to go to Mysore was because my best friend was there and secondly everything was perfect in my life and I knew there was no chance things would screw up. Eventually it all turned out to be wrong but then again it needed external factors to get me out of my comfort zone.

Have you seen the Big bang theory? There is a character by name “Rajesh Koothrappali” in it. This guy can talk to girls only when he is drunk. Rest all of the time if a girl is near him, he stays quiet. Believe me , I was like that. I was damn scared to talk to girls. I always dreamt of being with a girl , had thought of couple of girls in school I would love to go out with but never gathered enough courage to talk to them. As always it needed an external factor to help me get out of this mess. It needed a girl like her who would take all the steps towards the guy.
One thing that I learned from all these is that we have the potential/courage/ability to face the situation but we keep on waiting for something external to happen for us to actually take the life forward. We are so happy in our comfort zone that we try to remain in it for as long as possible.
If you are unhappy with your organization , start to think that you are unemployed , then only you will put in the best effort to get another job. If you love someone don’t wait for her to come to you, think she is about to get married in a month and it’s now or never. You are scared to do a kind of job in office , don’t wait for someone to force you to do it, practice it by putting in extra hours in office before that situation comes.
Living in comfort zone is like fooling yourself, get out of it , don’t wait for someone to push you out.
P.S. Merry Christmas J

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