Sunday, 11 December 2011

Someday Someway

I have heard it many times from different people, “ Rauuullll you should not have done that , its not good to be bad to people.” They told me three steps if someone do wrong to you: forgive them, move on and forget what happened. However am not still not convinced about it.

Forgive others :  I agree, forgiveness is a great human deed but for that the other person should atleast apologize. I am not a saint to forgive someone just like that. If there is god and he is watching everything he should know that XYZ has been wrong to me and I cant forgive him and I deserve to see someone doing exactly the same wrong thing with XYZ . Oh yeah only then I can forgive him.

Move on : Aah sounds so simple.  How can I ? What will I answer to the person I see in mirror everyday. Will I say that “ Oh yeah someone played with my life , it still affects me day in and day out but am trying to move on “ . Common , that is not Rauuullll.

Forget what happened : My brain is not a hard drive that I can erase the memories. Add to it its in my genes to remember things with accuracy to the date. I cant help it.

I don’t believe in the philosophy of being good to everyone. I believe be good to good people and then good will happen to you. I have been bad to people in the past , and I want to be bad to a few people in future for sure.  I don’t have any feeling of guilt in saying that am just waiting for a day when their time will be up and my time will start.

Give me a break.Am a normal human being, not a Jesus Christ. So I should behave like a normal human being and that for me means to slap the other person harder in reply to a slap.And am sure the day some normal human being  plays with the life of these so called saints on earth , they will also turn into normal human beings. Till then stay away from me.


  1. Rauuulllll ke dil ka dard samne aa gaya aaj...

  2. More of frustration and anger rather than pain..

  3. Doesnt help man.. I have been in the same boat for years..Par aajkal naa bolne kaa zamaanaa hai!!
    behave the way otherss do..

    Dil mille na mille haath milla k chalna padta mom puts it!!!