Sunday, 6 May 2012

A new entry into my list

I don’t watch TV much, so the only new songs I get to hear is of the movies I see in theatres. So, am assuming that I would have missed some good songs in last one year or so.

I heard this song "Pani da rang" couple of weeks back , when I went to see ‘Vicky Donor’ in Pune. And have been listening to this song again and again since then. Just beautiful lyrics.

Googling more about this song and I found out that the singer is actually that hero himself ‘Ayushman Khurana’.  In addition, it was composed by him only that too during his college days. Really talented.

Right now am also listening to this song. J

My favorite lines from this song :

“Kothe utte beh ke akhiyaan milaunde
Na jaana ve tu kabhi chhod
Tere utte marda, pyaar tenu karda
Milega tujhe na koi aur
Tu bhi aa sabko chod ke
Tu bhi aa sabko chod ke
Meri akhiyaan cho anju rul de
Akhiyaan cho hanju rul de

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