Saturday, 12 May 2012

Running away

If things are not under your control , then no point in thinking about them.

It has been very strange past 25 days or so. As always lot in my mind but this time have cautiously tried not to think much about them. Successful? Naah… not exactly but yeah quite better than previous occasions.

To make matters worse, office has not been much hectic recently. So getting time off from there to ponder over the issues and also side by side in left over time studying. Add to it strangely haven’t felt like talking also about all this to anyone. All of sudden my mobile log is showing most of the last dialed numbers for past few days as Mom n Dad only, quite interesting as I myself had not realized that haven’t talk to many people over past few days.

Am not sure if its me who is running away from facing the truth and confronting the situation or it’s the so called destiny which is ensuring this. But it is really strange situation.

I guess I need a break. And thankfully I am going for a couple of weeks break starting next weekend. Somehow absolutely right time for me for a break, have completed almost an year in the job, feeling tired working day in and out and above all really wish to spend some time at home with family. Moreover, I actually wish to run away from this life that I have been living for past year.

I hope I come back with the same enthusiasm and excitement as I did an year ago. Difficult? Yeah but not impossible. J

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