Thursday, 7 June 2012

Small fish in big pond – Part III

You see someone , and think that someday you want to be like him. Be at a level he is, be successful like he is. You follow him, try to incorporate the same ethics and culture in your daily work life.

But then you are never sure that if you have it in you to be like him. The gap is too big to fill. The path seems to be too tough , in addition you are not sure about the directions either. You keep on wondering if you can ever achieve it. 

And then one day he comes and says that you remind him of himself when he started his career. He sees the same level of enthusiasm and ethics that he displayed at the beginning of his career. He says he admires your keenness to learn and thinks that you can be successful if you continue this level of motivation.

The feeling is really great, it gives you that push you need in your life to carry on the momentum. It shows that you are moving in the right direction. It shows that the sacrifices are not waste. Above all it instills the confidence that yes you can be the ONE.

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