Friday, 22 June 2012

Small fish in a big pond – Part IV

And this too shall pass or Everything good must come to an end

Never imagined, my first week of second year in Chennai would be like that. Anything and everything I did in office went wrong. I don’t know why it went wrong, my concentration level was high and I was totally committed to work. But first time in the office I felt helpless. Tried my level best, spent a lot of time in office, but failed to put my thoughts in excel and report.

Today was supposed to be the D-day. I had put in lot of hard work in last 4 days. I was super-excited in morning, had prepared my pitch. But then everything went wrong. One mistake in my assumption and the whole report and excel was no more a value add, was just a load of crap. The end result, I got scolded, thrashed and even warned.

Not a good way to end the Friday. But thank god its friday. :)

I can feel tough times ahead in the office. I have started to get a kind of negative energy around me in office. I sense some eyes watching my performance closely. If I try to think from a positive side, it means that the level of expectation people have from me are really high, but then it somehow puts extra pressure on me. Makes me cautious, add to it sometimes little nervous too.

I don’t know how to deal with this situation. I cant be vocal about this in office. I don’t want to take a step back from the level of responsibilities shouldered on me. I guess the best way is to take it as a fresh challenge and give my best shot. Oh dear Chennai, all of sudden you are not the biggest worry in my life, I got bigger worries now. 

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