Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chennai Talkies

13th June 2011, I left my home for an alien city known as Chennai (  Oh yeah, am about to complete a whole year in Chennai.  I know it will sound little unbelievable to people who know me for more than 3 years, given the history. Frankly, even I find it little hard to believe.

I guess the difference this time was in approach. I came to Chennai with an open mind  despite hearing so much negative about the city (

I agree that somewhere this city is not for people from North India. It’s a little tough out here, narrow roads, not that great food, difficult to communicate with local people and hot/hotter/hottest weather seasons. When I look back at past one year, I can definitely say I would not have stayed here for this long if I was not happy with my job.  Because, think about it , what is the point of living away from family for a job which you are not happy with. You lose both in your professional and personal life.

One of the toughest moments in Chennai was the first time I went to dine alone. Frankly I never ever thought in my life that a day like this would come. But there is always a first time ( Now am used to it. I guess it is one of the many sacrifices which everyone makes living in an alien city. Other than that, there have been moments when I felt like leaving the city & job and head back home. What stopped me?? Ironically the happenings 3 years back, it gives me strength to fight. My biggest failure acts as strength now.

The good things, my house here (can’t call it a home). I enjoy living in duplex: so spacious, though I do feel little scared also. Everytime I take the stairs to my room, the scene from Bhoot comes to my mind.

Its strange that whenever I refer to Infosys, I still refer to it as my company. I guess a special bonding developed during that time. But am sure never ever I will refer to Chennai , as my city.

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