Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Circle getting smaller and smaller

I said it before and I repeat it today also with same conviction, there is no substitute of time. It holds out for each and everything in life, from friendship to love to pain to happiness.

Taking the point of friends forward, I talked about how important time is for me to actually realize who a friend is (  Somewhere I guess I am being proved right in this strange phase of life where everyone around me is either getting engaged or married or busy in figuring out his/her relationship status.

The circle of friends is getting smaller as quite a significant number has entered into the above said phase. They have moved on to a new journey in life with a new companion and thus don’t have much time for the old friends. I guess quite justified also.

But then there are very few friends who despite having entered into the new phase in life are still very much in touch, they still ensure that despite their busy lives – they make a point to talk to me , they still are the same.

Well, very much clear to me who are those friends; those are the friends for life. Those are the friends who will be there with me in all my sorrow and happiness and who expect me to be there in their sorrow and happiness.

Am not saddened by losing contact with some of the friends, but yes somewhere disappointed with a few in last few months. Then again, no complaints and I wish them all the very best for their new phase in life.  Well it’s a learning and hopefully I will not disappoint those who expect the same level of friendship and commitment from me. J


  1. Its quite possible that you have distanced yourself from people... Friendship will not be diluted if someone else enters your friends life!! Give it a thought :)

  2. Its not about friendship getting diluted..its not anyone's mistake...its a natural change which happens.. less time , more responsibilities and commitment..
    And I have observed it happening in last couple of years.