Friday, 29 June 2012

Thank God Its Friday

Finally…its FRIDAY.

Had been working non-stop for past 2 weeks. Oh yeah, had to go to work last weekend to try to sort out things. Partially successful.

But anyways, no work only play this weekend. J

Will play lawn tennis, spiderman movie, relax , read Imran Khan autobiography…. Wow…suddenly life seems so good.

Well, nothing going right in terms of work this month in office but still got appreciated for the hard work I had put in over the last one year, with a “Rookie Champ” award – kinda fresher of the year award.

Strangely, I had always wanted this award but didn’t feel good getting it now. May be because of last recall factor, I myself am not getting feel of being good in job these days, so an award for being the best fresher kind of feels lucky. But anyways, overall in last one year I have been decent. J
Looking forward to having a good break during weekend and waiting for next 30 days to pass peacefully and then I will be in Delhi for 4 days J.

P.S. As expected my blog has become a kind of diary entry these days, which am sure I will cherish reading later in life. J

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