Sunday, 1 July 2012

Back to strangers

Am sure it must have happened with all of you also. Don’t you wonder that how many strangers you met turned into good friends and then all of sudden back to strangers again.

When I think about it, I see it happening when I moved on to one phase of life to other. Say after schooling, engineering, job shift, MBA. All of sudden all the faces which I was so used to seeing everyday got replaced with new faces. And with time, I forgot the old faces and the new ones became a part of my life.

Oh yes, some of those people remain a part of my life. But then what about others. I lost touch with them. I guess those were always acquaintances. And if someday we do cross at some path, we will surely smile at each other, no hard feelings of not being touch for such a long time. J

The other reason when good friends turn strangers again is because of something happening between the two where both are right from their perspective with a opposite viewpoint. A tricky situation, where it is very clear that the matter wont be sorted out and you cant even forget it. So the only way is not to talk about it , which can happen only if you don’t talk at all. No good byes, no wishes, just complete cut all of sudden. You keep waiting for the other person to call you with an open mind but it never happens because the other person is also hoping for the same. There are few people I will love to hear voice of, but then I know they will not call and I guess I will also not.

One other reason why this happens is because of the relationship moving on from the excitement phase to the meltdown phase. Oh yes, I still believe in this phase theory :D . (

I guess one thing that I learnt that no matter what the reason is Life moves on. You keep meeting new people, you keep walking. The best thing is to always take with you the learning’s from what happened and good memories of the other person. In the end we all are same, what someone has done with you, you also must have done it with someone else. After all nobody is perfect, so no point in blaming the other. 

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