Sunday, 15 July 2012

A song for every feel

If its difficult to define love, its impossible to define the feeling when you are in love and you are loved in return. Its special.

I remember watching movie “ Saagar” lots of times in my childhood. Used to come every 2-3 weeks on doordarshan channel. And we didn’t have cable then at home , so had no other option than to watch it. Am surprised now , despite having 200 channels , most of the times I still end up saying that nothing good is coming on TV. I rarely switch on the TV if I know there is no live sports action.

Anyways, coming back to the reason that made me write this. There is a beautiful song in this movie, and its lyrics are so simply superb and very close in defining that special feel.  In childhood I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, so I guess its high time the song gets the long deserved appreciation.

Here are the lyrics, and while am writing this post, side by side am the song is getting downloaded and will be soon added to “My list”. J

sach mere yaar hai, bas wohee pyaar hai
jisake badale me koyee toh pyaar de
baakee bekaar hai, yaar mere....

jis haath me ik haath hai, uss haath kee kya baat hai
kya manjile kya faasle, ik humsafar gar saath hai
jisakee kismat koyee yu sanvaar de, woh hee dildaar hai yaar mere....

jhume jamin jhume gagan, tere liye hoke magan
khilatee rahe khushiya teree, mehka rahe dil kaa chaman
jindagee tujhako aisee bahaar de, dil kee pukaar hai, yaar mere....

sunate the ham yeh jindagee, gham aur khushee kaa mel hai
hamko magar aaya najar, yeh jindagee woh khel hai
koyee sab jite sab koyee haar de, apanee toh har hai, yaar mere....

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