Tuesday, 3 July 2012

You’ve got mail

Everyday I log in, I see tons of unread e-mails in my mailbox. Some research reports and some related to work. At my personal mailbox, I get stupid job alerts for the account I created during my engineering days, then snapdeal offers etc. But then, I have got 3 e-mails in last couple of days which have really made me feel good. It is from three different people who have appreciated me and my thoughts.

I always believe it is one thing to be appreciated verbally and its entirely different when it is in a written form. Because when you write, you actually are conscious of what you are writing. It’s a three step thing : You first think what you wish to convey, then you write it and then you read it before sending it. So for me something in written is extra special.

I have kept a printout of one of these mails which actually made me shed a tear, I got so overwhelmed reading it, a short and sweet mail from one of the heads who has been instrumental in shaping my progress so far.

Somehow I always have been fan of e-mails. I never delete non-forward e-mails. I keep them as a memory. Even today I have all the e-mails since I created my account. And once in a while , I do go back and read them.  And somewhere I think the existence of this blog is also linked with this. 
Earlier I used to write on word docs and keep it. But its difficult to keep word docs organized. So a blog helps me keep my notes organized plus it offers a good interface too. Moreover, I guess with time my blog has become kind of my closest friend who is always there to listen to me. J

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