Saturday, 28 April 2012

Time for Self Introspection ???

Its strange but everytime I feel am in control of the situation and I have learnt the lessons and am not going to repeat a mistake, I end up learning a new lesson.

So when this year started I said to myself, Rauuullll don’t worry you wont remember this year as another year of stupid mistakes/miscommunications etc. But I guess things are not going the way I thought.

There are times in life when you end up thinking “ Common, am tired and sick of learning the lessons”. But then life is amazing, it throws up new cards everytime.

Just saw an episode of How I met your mother after a long long time , past 3 months had been so crazy that I even forgot about how I much loved this series  and watched it with so much excitement. Neways I loved the line he said in one of the episodes, I guess its in S07E20 when he realizes that everytime he thinks about how he sees his life in 3 years and ends up realizing he always fails in achieving that , he says “ May be then something is wrong with me”.  (P.S. Strangely  I felt a sense of comfort on seeing Ted still struggling to find the right girl…haha )

But on a serious note, I guess this episode made me think that even I might be doing something wrong , may be assuming a lot of things in office/personal life because of which I end up in a hole.

May be its time for some self-introspection. May be its not wrong to point finger at myself not others. J

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