Saturday, 21 April 2012

Apna Sapna Money Money ????

I think it is the trickiest question : How much important is money ?

The first line that comes into my mind is Mastercard’s “ There are some things money cant buy, for everything else there is Mastercard”. Yeah, seriously it sums up all.

With money you can buy everything, but you cant buy time , love, peace, life. But yes you can buy lot other stuff from money that can compensate for all these.

I remember I asked my dad this question around 3-4 years back that what is the value of money for him. He gave me an answer which I really liked,  he said for him he has enough money if I ask him for something genuine and important to buy and he has enough money to fulfil my those needs.

He further said that there is no end to the needs, but one should have enough money to fulfill the needs in limit. Say for e.g. if you want a car, that is fine. I will buy you one but if you ask for a very expensive car I will not buy you one and I will not feel sad or bad about not having enough money for that.

Dad I love and respect you. J

I understood from that day that money is important and at same time its human nature of always wanting more of it. It is good if it motivates you to put in more effort but at same time one should be happy in that pursuit. Feel blessed if you have enough money to fulfill your small wishes and basic needs. J

I understand the world is crazy. I have not found even a single person till now in last 10 months except my family whose first question about my job is ‘ Are you happy in it’. Everytime I meet someone , the first question asked is ‘ So how much you earn’. I think the perception is that happiness is directly proportional to money. Sick mentality!!!!

Last weekend had to rush to delhi for some personal commitments. And I  felt blessed that I did not had to think twice before booking air tickets just for a weekend. Add to it , it was a priceless moment when my mom n dad opened the door at midnight  and saw me standing outside the gate. They had no clue that I was coming and were so happily surprised to see me.

I remember someone telling me couple of weeks back , “ Am sure you will earn loads of money in future, but what is important is how much you enjoy and feel happy during the path to achieve that”.

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