Saturday, 7 April 2012

Small fish in big pond – Part II

The month of April marked the beginning of another financial year. The first time for me. It got me an opportunity to have a talk with my seniors, bosses, u know for what reason. :D
But there was one person with whom I was looking forward to meet for past 6-7 months. The head of research. I wanted to meet him, I had heard that he knew my name which in itself was a big achievement for me considering he is always super duper busy and rarely gets a chance to interact with employees one on one.
So the other day when I got to know that he wanted to meet me , I was on top of the moon. Was little scared entering his room but post that it was really nice talking to him. What made me feel special was that when he said he it was first time he ever called some1 so new in office to his room to have a chat. J. FYI for positive reasons :D
We had a nice talk for almost 30-45 mins. And it was really informative, learnt a lot. He said that if you really want to succeed in life then always ensure to learn something everyday in office. Don’t go back home if you haven’t learn something new, because that means you have wasted a day of your life.
This reminds me of one of my boss with whom I had a conversation one month after I joined. I think the talk with him has provided the motivation for me for last 9-10 months. I remember him saying ,”See Rahul, if you want to achieve something , then understand 2 simple things : Keep your clients happy and learn from people around you . And to do these two things, its important to have the right attitude which is really difficult to maintain”.
As I said in the last post , its really important to learn from people who have the experience. For me that has always been my father and my brother-in-laws. Whenever am in doubt or I find it difficult to take a decision, I trust their judgement.
Because in the end, my family is at the center of my world. J

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