Monday, 23 April 2012

Karma vs Destiny

People say you will get what you are destined to. No one can rise above destiny. Well, I will not like to argue these statements. It’s a belief and I respect that.

But I strongly believe that one should leave things to destiny only after giving our full effort or Karma.
The other day I was watching DDLJ again, must have watched it hundreds of times in last 16 years. Lovely movie.

I don’t know why but while watching this movie this time I was strangely thinking about this topic “karma or destiny”. Yeah, my bad…I always keep thinking about something or the other.

So connecting this to the movie, SRK loved Kajol , Kajol loved SRK.  So they truly loved each other and taking the learnings from other movies true love always wins and hence they were together in the end. It was destiny. I guess that is the way people who believe in destiny will put it as.

HANG ON !!!  No credit to SRK who put in so much effort or Karma to reach out to Kajol and try to convince her parents.  Does not Karma has any value ???

I think it is important to put karma above destiny till the point we can control things. Say in beginning kajol was banking on her destiny and doing nothing to reach out to SRK but SRK did the karma. He reached out to her. He tried to convince her parents and everyone. SRK did all he could do. There he ended his karma and then left it to destiny.

Now it was time for Kajol to do Karma in the dramatic last scene where she ran to the railway station and pleaded her bauji to let her go. 

Well…the karma of both of them and then the destiny in the end that kajol somehow ran faster than the train to hold on to hand of SRK ensured they ended up together. :D

But the moral I guess is…you cant just leave everything on destiny or on one person. Both have to do the Karma to have a happy ending or in this case happy beginning. 

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