Friday, 10 August 2012

Ticking the resolutions continues

I guess this was long pending, something that I have been trying for many years now. First time I tried it was in 11th class, then once in my 3rd year of college and last time was when I was in Infosys – giving up soft drinks.

And this is my fourth try. Its been more than three weeks now I had any soft drink. I guess I can rightly say that I was addicted to soft drinks and I never had a strong will power to leave it.
The longest period so far for me without soft drinks was around 3 months , in March – June 2009. Because of lack of sleep and some other issues I had started getting some marks on my face so  I was advised by a doctor to stop having coffee, soft drinks , chocolates etc etc , basically all good things in life for few months.

But this time somehow I feel I can do it for life. I do want to give this up seriously as I realize this addiction had been getting worse day by day. more so with one refrigerator full of soft drinks on every floor of my office – it has been soft drinks soft drinks every where.

I have been pretty successful with one of my last year resolution and am very happy and proud of it – leaving non-veg ( Its been around one and half years now since I had non-veg.

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