Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wish to own a Time Machine

I am not a fan of technology. I don’t own a smartphone which many people around me believe is a necessity these days. Lot of people have asked me why they cant connect to me on “What’s app” and they get surprised when I tell them that I don’t have internet activated on my mobile phone and I don’t feel any need for it also.

Latest cars or bikes or laptops or mobile phones, I don’t keep a track of them. I will research for them on the day I wish to buy one, which I don’t see happening anytime in near future.

Everytime I go home , my dad or my sisters see my mobile phone, they start telling me that they wish to gift me a smartphone and ask me if I want apple or Samsung. And everytime I reply that I don’t feel a need for one. I think they have started thinking now that after spending one year in Chennai, Rahul has gone crazy and lost interest in all good things in life. :D

If someone asks me given a choice , a technological advancement that will make me feel excited – it definitely is a TIME MACHINE. I will love to own one, not to know the future but to go to my past and change few things/moments. I will love to erase some of the moments of my past that still linger in my mind every day. would be so awesome if I could turn back time.

I hate travelling time specially in flights. Normally the flight time for me from Chennai to Delhi is around 3 hours. To pass time, I always carry lot of reports to read to learn more about the happenings in the world related to my work. Yeah, am a little nerd J . But once am done with it, I feel bored – sitting in flight, waiting to get home with family. I will love to skip this time.

Thinking today, I feel Time Machine is an impossible idea – one cant do it. But then , I remember reading some great scientist making a statement  which was something like this – we are just at the shore of the ocean of inventions, anything and everything is possible.

So, common the great scientists of the world – make a TIME MACHINE for me. 

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