Sunday, 2 September 2012

And I move on….

I realized one thing in last 2-3 months, people, relationships etc change very fast. A close friend with whom you love to share your life and thoughts with, one day all of sudden is no longer the one you feel like calling. One issue and everything changes. I don’t know what’s the reason behind this, might be ego. Somewhere I am egoistic too, but then my ego gets softened over time when I realize that because of my ego I will end up losing an important friend in my life.

Am not trying to show myself positively here, but I have done this in past. Sometimes due to an argument/difference of opinion/fight/misunderstanding , it happened that I ended up creating a distance with a close friend. And both of us were not ready to break the ice and were waiting for the other person to do that. In all those cases , I broke the ice and stepped forward to start conversation again. More often than not I succeeded. But sometimes I failed. More recently in last 2-3 months, I did this with couple of people who were very important to me at one of time but I guess I failed. I felt that there wasn’t any inclination from other side.

The entire situation did affect me. I felt bad about what happened. But then this time it was little different. I felt bad for very short time thinking that how the other person behaved with me. But after that short time , I started to feel good and was over it. How this happened, well a very simple thought came to my mind this time. I felt happy and proud thinking that I stepped forward and tried to re-ignite the lost friendship. I will not be having that thought in my mind the whole life that just because of my ego I lost a friend. I set aside my ego for my friendship and stood by it. And it was because of the other person that it did not work out. May be the meaning and value of the relation was not that important for the other person.  

With this thought, I move on. I move on with happiness, with no regret and after giving my best. I move on with a clear mind. I move on wishing them the best in life. I move on looking forward to my future. I move on with self respect , I move on after being a good friend who tried his best. I move on the way Rauuullll always move on : I move on without changing a bit for them. 

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