Wednesday, 26 September 2012

If only dreams come true

I mentioned it in a post of mine ( that my favorite quote is "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". Its a beautiful- quote and sums up the true meaning of life - expect the unexpected.

So many times it happen, that we dream or plan something and exactly the opposite happens. Sometimes you are so close in achieving your dream but at last moment things dont work out and you are left wondering. It hurts all the more if the situation is not under your control as then you cant blame yourself of not putting in the required effort. It frustrates you further more when people say " jo bhi hota  hai achhe ke liye hota hai" or " bhagwaan ke aage kiski chalti hai". Being a follower of philosophy of karma, i am never able to buy these viewpoints.

I am right now feeling exactly the same as mentioned in above paragraph, feel like shouting, crying and asking for an answer that why things havent worked out this time. I dont know how to look at this situation. On a negative side but being honest, a little part of me always doubted that the plan will come true, on a positive side am experiencing this kind of sadness feel after a long time. I guess last one was that in my last couple of months in infy which actually consoles me a bit as it makes me feel that my life right now is actually not that bad relatively.

Sometimes i wonder what my life would have been if my dreams had come true. But then i wonder if actually some of them were equivalent to nightmares.....

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