Monday, 18 November 2013

Out of comfort zone – II

All good things come to an end…… If moving on is difficult – it shows how good the time has been.

Things are almost perfect – almost like a dream. Then, eventually a time comes when you need to wake up from the dream and face reality. I am happy in my comfort zone and a big part of me want to stay in it. It want to stay in it forever.

However, I guess it is the past ( which has made me strong enough to take up the challenge and move forward. I admit I feel scared taking decisions that change the surroundings around me. I like things to stay as they are.  I guess this is where the support of my family and friends come into play – they give me the courage to take such kind of decisions. Sometimes, I feel surprised that how much they trust me to take decisions independently including trusting me even at a point when I was not ready to trust myself back in 2008-09.

Many people including me struggle to take that important decision. A decision that is going to make the near future tough, a decision that can turn the life upside down, a decision which if it goes wrong can make your life living hell. On a positive side, if it goes right then the risk taken is more than well compensated.  

Sometimes you have to think ahead of time and take a decision. A decision which most of the people will disagree with as they don’t have the vision like you have. These are the toughest ones because they put you completely out of the comfort zone alone in a box.

 As expected 2013 is turning out to be a year to remember both for good and bad reasons...second best year in terms of learning experience so far..

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