Sunday, 24 November 2013

Those sunny days – II

Everyone says that the first job is special, for some its special because that’s the first time they feel a sense of being independent, for some its special because it’s the first time they earn money.

For me the first job is special for entire different set of reasons. The list of the reasons is very long. But one of the reasons is that it was in first job back in 2008-09 I started writing. Oh yes, it was back then in those sunny days (, when first time in my life I bought a diary to start writing. And that diary remains the only time I wrote with utmost honesty and truth.

For couple of months in that period, it was my only friend. It kind of provided my with a sense of comfort. Every night I used to scribble down my thoughts in it. I never wrote anything on this diary after that period.  When I read them after couple of years – I realized that some of the thoughts in it were very beautiful, but some of them were really scary and weird. So I decided to keep it away from everyone and hence as a precaution keep it with myself not in my home in delhi. I dont think so anyone has read it except me. J

For lot of people, clicking pictures is a way to remember things.  For me its writing – this blog, that diary. It reminds me of the feelings I had at a particular time of my life. It reminds me of what I was going through then. More importantly it reminds me of what I thought about my life.

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