Sunday, 10 November 2013

The little HUMAN inside me

Sometimes I wonder if we humans who are the most intelligent species on this planet are actually at the same time the worst species too. And yes, I am like you a part of it and am doing nothing to change that. To make the matters worse, its not just that we are bad to other species like animals, we are bad to other humans too.

The good human inside me sometimes feels pity about the beggar on the road, a street dog shivering in the cold, poor people not having money for the medicines, a small hungry kid sleeping on the road etc. I think about it for max 2-3 minutes and then get back to my normal life. I don’t take a step forward and try to do anything to change that. I am not sure if I can bring a change in the society or in the lives of the needy people/animals.

I have always been asked by many quite curiously that how on earth a Punjabi like me who lived in Delhi for more than 20 years has turned vegetarian.  As an individual I feel that as a human being by being a vegetarian I am listening to the little human inside me who wants to respect the animals and feels sad knowing that we humans actually end up killing animals – again its my perception and I don’t try to preach it because its none of my business. J

I feel sad reading in newspapers about how people sacrifice animals for religious reasons. I think that is one of the strong reasons because of which am agnostic as if god exists he would have done something to stop this unless he actually likes to see people killing animals which I highly doubt. I don’t understand why something is not done to stop all this and why people feel happy after this. How can good happen to you by killing someone????

The little human do keep asking me such questions from time to time and I keep thinking about them but find it really hard to get a satisfactory answer.

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