Saturday, 4 January 2014

The blurred faces

I have read it so many times – that life is a journey, you keep on walking. With time, I understood the essence of this statement. Life indeed is equivalent to a journey, a journey in which you walk with some milestone in your mind. On the way, you meet new people with similar or nearby destinations, so you walk with them. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months, sometimes even for years.

During this walk, you become friends with them. You get used to see them daily, talk with them daily, share your thoughts and feelings with them. But one fine day, one of you change their direction and you bid good bye to them. You promise to keep in touch.

However, the journey of life is not that easy. Sometimes, its due to the high demands of the new journey or sometimes its just that you make new companions in your new journey that you fail to keep in regular touch. With time, the faces you were so used to see everyday gets blurred, they start to fade.

I guess everyone goes through this phase at multiple points in their lives – when you finish school, college, shift jobs. It feels that you are losing a part of life. However, I guess its actually you are gaining a part of life. A part of life in which the people who actually matter are going to stay in touch and at the same point of time you get an opportunity to meet and add new people in that close circle.

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