Sunday, 5 January 2014

Why sooo serious

Around five years back, I remember I took pride in being a careless young guy. I was totally dependent on the people close to me, super happy and relaxed in my small little world. This is when I moved out for my first job to Infosys Mysore, and as always this is where I realized that life outside this small world is quite different (Oh yeah, as always it was this period of 2008-09 everything happened for the first time :D). Couple of close friends made me realize that I needed to become little serious in life.

Oh no, I did not become serious because of what they said to me. It was the circumstances back then that made me reflect on my life. I was a believer in god then and I took it in a way that may be god punished me because I was not a good guy. I did a self-introspection. I realized that my actions that I felt were harmless actually ended up hurting people around me. I realized that my overspending nature actually made other people feel bad and angry. I realized that my bad choice of words sometimes offended others.

So if today you feel that am too serious, I give a damn to what you think. I accept I am a serious guy. But that’s the way I am. I hope you understand that atleast because am a serious guy, you careless people are able to get away with stupidities because am around. I hope you understand that sometimes I end up saving money for you too else you would end up with debts. I hope you understand that I sometimes make you realize that using bad language can lead you to trouble.

I hope at best you understand that when you call me a serious guy and ask me to loosen up, I have the respect not to tell you that you are a careless person and its high time you get a bit serious.

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