Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Big Reason

“Everything happens for a reason” . You must have heard this million of times . I too had and used to call it a cliché.
Then I heard another version of this statement and it sounded very interesting. “ Understand the reason behind everything that happens “ .  I got confused. So I went to the person who told this statement and asked her what actually she meant by it.
She started explaining by taking me as example and asked me why I asked this question. Before I could answer this she said “ Because you were curious to understand this statement “ . I nodded my head in affirmation. She continued “ This is understanding the reason behind you coming to me with that question“.
I asked her “ How can I use it “ .
She replied , “ You can use it everywhere from understanding people  to even predicting the future. “
The next line she said , I can never forget . She said “ No one in this world is Jesus Christ. Everything everyone in this world do is for their own happiness or need. So if someone is talking to you , its because he/she finds happiness in doing it. Someone calls you , you have many choices that moment. To pick up the phone/ to leave it ringing / to cut it down / to silent the phone. You choose the option which brings happiness to you or is the need of that moment.”
I intervened n asked her “ Are you trying to say they are selfish and don’t care about me or I am the selfish one “ ?
She smiled and said “ No, they care about you and in that they find happiness. So appreciate that you are a reason for someone’s happiness and feel good about it. Always remember the people who call you or try to get in touch with you want to be with you. So value them and keep telling them how important they are to you.“
I was amazed by her thoughts.
It was time for us to leave for home. Just before leaving I asked her last question “ Are you there with me because it brings happiness to you  or you are there with me because you know that you are the reason for my happiness and you feel happy in seeing me happy “.
She just smiled and left.
Today I have the answer to my question. I understand the reason behind what happened. J


  1. sometimes trying to find out the reasons for the things happening arounds can take u in depression ;) as u cant findout all reasons just think positive nd always try come out from best widin u :)

  2. The reason is dere always....its d depression which makes it difficult to understand the reason...
    sooner or later u will get to know the reason...