Monday, 7 March 2011

Who is playing on the Other Side

                                               Zindagi Hai Dhuaa To Kya,
                                               Bujh Gayi Har Subah To Kya,
                                               Rootha MujhSe Khuda To Kya,
                                               Ho Gaye Hum Judaa To Kya

There are times in life when a question pops up in mind “Why me “. The interesting thing about this question is it never comes to the mind when things are going absolutely fine in life, it comes up when we are in a dire straits. Those are the moments of extreme sadness. And we start thinking about what is going wrong. This leads to the other question in mind that moment “Who is playing on the Other Side”.
The first time I felt being in such kind of situation, I went to my mom and she consoled me by saying that “ Its god wish , Your destiny “ .I am an agnostic kind of person so I wasn’t fully convinced by her answer but  thought ok if mom is saying so it should be that way. Next time god will be on my side.
The next time when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, I went to my sisters. I asked them the same question “Why me “. They came up with a better answer. They gave me a frank opinion that they didn’t feel I had worked hard to get the results desired by me and hence didn’t deserve it. I agreed completely to their thought and decided to work harder and smarter.
Its amazing how over a period of time the person I kept on asking the question “Why me “kept on changing. I feel it’s a natural progression. As we grow , the situations in which we feel that kind of sadness also differs  and hence the person with whom we feel at ease in discussing personal things too.
So the last time I felt this I went to friends. And they came up with one line “Wait for your time “ . I found this line very interesting and started giving more thought to it. I started recollecting the situations in past where this question had popped up in my mind.  I started to think was I actually in a bad situation or I was just over reacting to it.
I am a great believer of a thought that at every moment of life we have one topmost priority. This is something which I have experienced whole life and with time learnt to set the topmost priority right. Thinking about the bad times in past where I failed to achieve my topmost priority I realized that I was being too much optimistic in setting the priority itself. I learnt that the use of “ And “ is not at all a good thing in setting up the topmost priority. Say for e.g. “ I wish to work in core finance and stay in delhi “ . That is a wrong priority. It should be either “ I wish to work in core finance “ or “ I wish to stay in delhi” . Now the question which will be coming in your mind right now is that there are people who are actually living this dream, so you dreaming of that is not at all wrong. The answer to this question is that Yes there are people who are actually doing what I wanted to and that is MY FIRST ANSWER to the question “ Who is playing on the other side “.
MY SECOND ANSWER to this question is that I believe that we will pay for all the sins we committed in this life. No one will get away easily in life. Life is beautiful in this sense. I believe a lot in this.
MY THIRD ANSWER is that don’t jump into thinking that life has been bad to you by not giving you your topmost priority. This might sound optimistic answer but I guess there is no harm in waiting and letting time to unfold the consequences. There are times in life when we set the topmost priority in life wrong or give too much importance to a person/ happening and set it as topmost priority. At those moments we become too much emotional and start crying over it without even understanding that life wont stop at it and there is so much to look forward in life other than it.
I will like to end this post by just saying that we have no control on who is playing on the other side. But, we are in full control of ourselves, so the least we can do is to work towards achieving our priorities with honesty and be good to people on way to achieve them. The day we achieve our aim, we should have our family and friends by our side in celebrating the success and the day we fail to achieve it they should be there to share our sorrow also. If we are able to ensure this happens consistently then surely our life is a SUCCESS.


  1. o dude... ur like my soul brother... \m/

  2. :)
    U already wrote on the topic I was thinkin of writing next n d worst part is u wrote my thoughts on the same :(

  3. Here's my take on this topic..

    I believe strongly in the power of choices. Simply said that the best result, taking the case mentioned as example, would be if the protagonist got the opportunity of working in Finance while staying at Delhi. That is the ideal. Important question is that when confronted with a situation in which only one of those TWO wishes is possible what does the protagonist choose? See it's choice.. Call it priority if you may.. Or, anything else.. This Choice/Priority Setting is what defines our lives!

    The other relevant idea I strongly believe in is that of working. Smart and gritty work can show amazing results. Too often people give up too soon! The past 8 months have been some of the toughest in my life, and some of the most rewarding. In chasing one of the most important goals of my life, I landed came out strongly against one challenge to see another bigger one staring down at my face. It was determination and the occasional 'smarts' that have been seeing me through. While doing all this 4 things kept me going-
    1. The dream itself.
    2. The occasional breaks I let myself take to clear up the head. The occasional self-rewards helped too.
    3. The support of the FEW who matter. I listened to those who truly cared, not the crowds!
    4. The wins along the way. I ensured that the path was also rewarding, not just the destination. Trust me with a little extra effort most people can easily manage this.

    As for who's playing on the other side- I don't care. I don't care what he/she/they think(s) of me. The most important person is playing on my side. This person I know won't fail me. This person is ME!

  4. @kaveesh : I agree completely to ur thought...
    I guess optimism teaches us to keep trying but there is a thin line between optimisim and stupidity.Once we cross that line it is stupidity.
    What I wrote is about the situation when you have crossed the line. You know that what u tried for u were not able to get it and u r crying for not achieving it.
    I guess what i tried is to bring back the protaginist to the side of optimism again . :)