Friday, 18 March 2011


Every1 will stand with u to get a photo clicked during happy times but very few care to walk with you during your failure..those are FRIENDS for life...
Say this word and close your eyes for a minute. You will start  thinking about some people, faces will flash through your mind. Those are your Friends.
In life, there are parents and siblings, who will do anything for your happiness. Then there are friends who will do anything for your happiness because that brings happiness to them. Then comes acquaintances who are with you or talk with you because they find happiness with you. The day they don’t find happiness they will leave from your life. Rest all are strangers with whom you never talked or they are there with you because they need you.
Everyone is playing these all roles in life. You are a friend to someone today, also at the same time an acquaintance or a stranger to someone else. So, it will be wrong if you are thinking right now that acquaintances and strangers are bad people. If that is the case then whole world is a bad place which I believe is not.
In this post, I wish to talk more about how to realize who is a friend and who is an acquaintance. I believe this is very important and one should ensure that we don’t end up hurting friends for acquaintances. And at the same time not to give over importance to acquaintance. Believe me, you will be the one who will end up hurt.
Well, there is no set formula or trick to find out this. I kept doing this mistake time to time in my life and even today I might be doing it. But yeah the frequency has certainly decreased.
First things first there is no substitute for time. People who have been with you for how many years even you don’t remember are your FRIENDS. They are the one who know the real person in you, seen you changing with time, seen you making new friends . Inspite of all these even today they are with you. These are diamonds in your life who will keep bringing brightness in your life forever. Am really lucky to have these diamonds in my life.
Now the others. A careful observation can help you understand who is a friend and who is an acquaintance. A friend will stand by you during your failure , do everything possible to take you out of trouble whereas an acquaintance will be there with you to get a photo clicked during your happy times.
Trust is the basis of relationship. So, if someone is sharing common friend’s secrets with you with whom he/she behaves as close friend in front of world then understand the same is being done for you also by him/her. That is an acquaintance, who is trying to build trust with you but at someone’s else cost. A friend is a one who will share his /her secret with you.
The age we are in this observation also becomes important and can save us from getting hurt from an acquaintance. How much a person gives importance to friendship in comparison to relationship. If a person is in relationship and then you meet him/ her then it becomes lot easier to understand your value in his/her life. But  If a person completely forgets you or changes in a great way towards you after entering into a relationship then in future be careful of him/ her. Because this is going to repeat in his/her next relationship too.
I am a great believer of giving time to time. It takes me a lot of time to trust anyone and think of someone as friend not an acquaintance. In the same way I also don’t become a friend in anyone’s eyes fast.   I have been criticized for this by many that I take a lot of time to open up with someone, I observe everything a lot as in each and every word spoken and action taken by anyone. But I believe this has worked for me. Because the people I didn’t trust in beginning have shown that they didn’t deserved to be.  
When I was entering MBA, people told me that its not a place where you go to make friends. It’s a place where you go to survive 2 years, stay wary of cunning people and come out with good job. I think I did all this well but in addition played all the roles well and  by understanding who is an acquaintance and who is a friend, today am going out with some great great great  F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


  1. i wrote something like this... a long time ago :P
    chooor :D

  2. Oh My God.... :O
    noooooo....i didnt read nethin like dis in ur blog...U felt this bcoz u see v r soul siblings :P
    To add to it ..I had written this around 7-8 months back...I just edited it , cut some names n instances to fit it for blog :)

  3. Friends are described well, could have thought more points on acquaintances... but really nice read :)