Tuesday, 29 March 2011


“Happiness is a state of mind “
I am a kind of person whose mood is always in extremes. Either am in a very happy mood or in a saddy saddy mood . I don’t know why but there is always something or the other running in my mind.
But last month I realized something. I realized that my mind was actually controlling me a lot in the sense that it wasn’t allowing me to be happy. It was always making me think about things which were not in my control and thus making me feel sad about it.
Two things which always make me go in depression are when someone close to me hurts me or is in trouble. Second thing when am in deep trouble inspite of doing nothing wrong. Last month strangely I faced both. I wasn’t sure how to get out of it. I was angry over myself that these are last couple of months for me with my family and friends here and am spoiling these days for someone and something which is not under my control. Add to it, I was sure I did nothing wrong.
But my mind wasn’t allowing me to take control. I decided its time I fight for my happiness. I made it think about the good things happening in my life. I started telling myself that its one of the best phases of my life. Am close to realizing my big dream of MBA , in couple of months I will be working in financial world, am blessed with great family and friends who are always there with me and love me a lot,dugdug is sitting by my side for a change showing his concern etc etc.
It took me couple of days but I succeeded in clearing my mind and with it I learnt a lesson.
Happiness is actually a state of mind. My life will never be perfect. At max it can be “ Almost perfect “  and I will always be striving to make it perfect . But the human nature is such that everytime I get something I will start asking for more or crying why I don’t have this or that in my life.
So it is upto me either to cry for that missing thing in my life or be happy about the other important things which am blessed with today.
Right now, I can list down 4-5 things that I don’t have and I want them badly. I can cry for them and feel sad. But I have decided , I will work harder for the things which are in my control and things which are not in my control I am not going to cry for them and happily give time to time to forget them.
Since that day every day I wake up , I say to myself “ It’s going to be another great day today “ . I sleep saying to myself “Yeah I had a great day “. J J
I wish I can keep this attitude for life. J