Wednesday, 23 March 2011


It feels great when dreams come true. The feeling is out of world, amazing to say the least.
I had this feel couple of times in my life. The last time was yesterday night. Around 4 am when I was driving back home. I couldnot help myself thinking where I was exactly 2 years back. I still remember what I was doing exactly 2 yrs back that time.
I was standing on 6th floor of my hostel building all alone around 4 am looking at the stars and asking God where the hell is my life moving to. Nothing was going right in my life that time both at personal and professional front. I can definitely say it was my worst period of life, the first 5 months of 2009. My last ray of hope to get things right was to get into a B school which I had dreamed of since 2nd year of BTech. After getting percentile of only around 95 ( yeah it is only ) I had no hopes of doing good in that respect too.
Its amazing  how my life has changed for good in these 2 years. Today I understand completely what it means to “ give time to time” .
I have lived my dream in last 2 years. Yes , MBA was one of my biggest dream. I was always fascinated to learn more about the real world rather than learning about how an amplifier or diode works. I wanted to learn about how people make things work with their mind and ideas.
I find it hard to put into words what am feeling now. I think am living a dream. A dream where in I just completed a dream of doing MBA , now am enjoying holidays and twenty days later I will be living another dream. The dream of working in a financial world. Yes , this too is a dream of mine. A dream for which I had worked hard over past one and a half years. One and a half years because for first 6 months I was not sure what I exactly wanted to do after MBA.
I worked hard for this dream and so am really happy for this too. I studied hard to understand the financial concepts because I had no educational background of the same.Before, joining college I even had no clue what a balance sheet was. In addition, I had an option of staying in Delhi during my summer internship but I chose to go to Mumbai and work for Sharekhan without being paid. Credit for achieving this dream goes to my family. They have always supported me a lot both emotionally and financially. I still remember before Crisil/Irevna was to come to college, I went to my Dad and told him that a company is coming to college and I wish to work in it but it isn’t paying much so shall I go for it. He replied  with a smile , Money doesn’t matter, If u want it go n get it. Am really blessed to have such a great family.
Am taking first step towards my next big dream in 20 days time. The big dream is to walk like “Chris Gardener in the movie Pursuit of Happyness” on the Wall Street. For start, I wish to be just another someone working on Wall Street and with time to be The One on Wall Street. I hope someday I will realize this dream too. The good thing today is atleast I am on a right track.
My life is almost perfect today. Yes it is “ Almost “ .
The one line which keep coming in my mind right now is “ This part of my life …this part right here .This is called happyness. “ J J


  1. congrats Rahul... n All the best for ur bright future :)

  2. Thanks a lot for the wishes.. :)
    N thanks again for being there with me always :)

  3. Aweee..yes this is the moment to be happy..... congrats Rahul!! Wishing you lot of success in your career :)

  4. Hey..thanks for appreciating the post :)
    am from delhi... currently working for Crisil in Chennai.