Friday, 1 April 2011

I was There

I am a big sports fan. However, if there is a choice between watching cricket and football I will go for football definitely. So, I was not that excited about cricket WC to think about going to see matches live in stadium.
I went to see India vs Netherlands match just for one reason, to see the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar bat. Yes like any other Indian I am a big fan of him. I have never seen anyone in my life who inspite of being such a big personality still behave in so humble manner on the field and to media. After watching that match in Kotla I came back happy that I saw him bat live in an international match.
WC matches continued and I watched them on TV , saw quarter final with my parents at home. After that match got over , I saw 100 updates on FB related to next match India vs Pak. I switched on TV and it seemed that there is nothing else happening in the world and they just have one thing to focus on India Vs Pak match. Everyone was talking about that match and it just took one day for the excitement of that match to take control of me.
It was very difficult to get a ticket and I knew it will take something special to get one. How I managed to get it, well the answer is “ Guanxi “ in Chinese and “ Jugaad” in Hindi. Of course money mattered  but there were many I know who were ready to shell out a fortune but had no clue how to get a ticket sitting here in Delhi.
Inside the stadium the atmosphere was breathtaking. It was like a festival. Not even a single empty seat in stadium. It was so touching when national anthem was played. Everyone in stadium was singing the anthem, I felt the beautiful patriotic feeling that moment. Once match started ,there were Indian flags everywhere, people were dancing whenever India hit a boundary and at a fall of each Pakistan wicket it was mind-boggling. I had never felt that kind of atmosphere ever. And the DJ was amazing, Kotla DJ please learn something from the Mohali DJ. It played amazing mix of Punjabi, patriotic , Hindi and English songs and we danced a lot on them.
I will never ever forget this day. I can say that it has been the best experience of my life till now. I will cherish it for life. I am sure I will tell my grand children that I was there in stadium for WC 2011 semi final between India and Pakistan and we won the match.
I understand now what is meant by electrifying atmosphere , I understand now why India vs Pak is just not another cricket match.I was one among the 30 thousand people singing "Maa tujhe salam"after India Won and it is still echoing in my ears .YES I was there in Mohali stadium and it was JUST AMAZING.. :) :)


  1. haha,ur grandchildren would love u for this real story for them ;),u need to keep some memories also for it ;)

  2. I have some always thankful to my friends for the pics :)