Sunday, 17 April 2011

Theory of Relativity

We read so many theories in our school and college days. But the only theory that stands out of all and  we  apply in our lives unintentionally is “The theory of Relativity”. This theory is killing our happiness daily because we don’t apply it properly. If we get it right then there are people nearby us which are ready to kill our happiness..
I got 96 marks in Maths in 10th standard boards…  “Oh man  he got 100 “ ….
Wohoo…I got a job… “Common she got a job which pays three times more” …
I got in top 15 B schools of country… My friend called me up and said “You know rahul…dat dumb guy got through IIM , you remember  he was such a loser  “.
Acquaintances come and ask  “ Which company you got through and whats the package “ … “ Ohh…you know my maasi’s brother in law’s son did MBA from this college and is earning so much today .. “ 
First point to notice is that in all the above incidents, I had achieved something but the theory of relativity was applied by either me or someone else and tried to make my achievement look so so insignificant.
The second point is there must had been someone who had failed in Maths, someone who was still unplaced, someone who failed to get through a B school, someone who had got a much lower package than me . In all at that point of time there was someone who was dying to be in position I was.
It is important to realize how to use this theory of relativity in life. Apply this theory to both the ends of spectrum. See someone who didn’t get what u have achieved and feel happiness on your achievement , at the same time see someone who did better than you to get motivation to do better in future. Don’t cry over what you didn’t achieve and also don’t boast of what you have achieved.
Value what you got. Value what you have right now.
Be happy that you have your family and friends with you . Right now there is someone in this world who is lying on road with no one to help him .
Be happy that you are standing some feet above the ground. You are blessed to be alive. There is someone in this world whose life just ended abruptly and is being buried in ground.
I feel am blessed to be living such a good life. Am writing my thoughts using my laptop sitting in an AC room , drinking cola and having chips, and sharing it with my close friends . There is someone who is working in heat with the pressure of earning enough money for the day to feed his family.
We all are blessed. But only those are happy who realize how blessed they are.


  1. ''Value what you got. Value what you have right now'' - Agree totally...

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  3. Yes muneera..v both experienced n learnt it :)

    Thanks a lot deepa :)

  4. better said than done dude....
    But still a nice thought...
    But also dissatisfaction is the key to greatness, just think if Newton or Einstein would have thought like this and were satisfied with what they had, we wont have gravitation or relativity (the topic of discussion :D)....
    but of course it should be only motivational and not to make you jealous of someone...

  5. Dissatisfaction is absolutely necessary..the point am raising like u said it should act as motivation to work harder...
    It should not be a reason to cry...