Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sub Conscious Mind

You never forget anything, you just stop thinking about it…
It was a special day for him. He just achieved one of his dreams. A dream he was chasing for last so many years. After a long time he had something to smile for. Last few years had not been good for him. Nevertheless, he was fighting, fighting with the world and most importantly fighting with himself, fighting with the devil inside him who was not allowing him to get back to normal self.
That moment was special for him. He was on cloud number nine. He felt his life was perfect that moment. He won everything including his past. For a change, he had a clear mind, a mind without any prejudice.
 He was calling and texting everyone close to him and telling them about his success. Suddenly while typing a name to send a text in his mobile he realized he did not have any number saved by that name. He typed a name that his subconscious mind told him to. A name that was no longer a part of his life, it was a part of his memories. A name that once used to echo with his every heartbeat but today was non-existent.
He was just smiling seeing the name in his mobile phone. He realized that he had not forgotten her. He had just stopped thinking about her and locked the memories in sub conscious mind. This took a lot of time, a couple of years and a lot of concentration but he succeeded in doing it.
However, the subconscious mind was not an easy opponent to defeat. It started attaching her name with memories like songs, their hangout places, her college etc. There were so many such moments and places. Initially this ploy of subconscious mind worked but then with time he started ignoring and then eventually stopped listening to it.
From nowhere her phone number was in his mind. It was just a matter of dialing it and then just seeing what happens. For a moment, it seemed the subconscious mind was winning the battle. Then he realized he had done this mistake in past. He had lost these kind of battles so many times and ended up in agony. He decided he was not going to repeat the mistake. The smile was just getting bigger. The special day was getting more special. J J


  1. i hate u... u wrote this & did my jalay pe namak na... u wrote this cuz i told u abt my story... :X

  2. eh..not at all...
    Its real n it happened to me on d day i completed my MBA on march 22nd...i had dis entry written on dat nite..just edited it n put it here...