Saturday, 16 April 2011

You Complete Me

One of the few poems I ever wrote in my life :) :) .

  We started as strangers,moved on to friends,
  kept in touch by making all the rules bend.
  Both respected and valued each other thoughts,
  this ensured that we never argued and fought.
  Felt very special everytime when we were talking,
  it was like as if in a boulevard we were walking.
  I could feel her hugs, kisses and smiles,
  it didnt matter the distance between us was how many miles.
  We shared everyday our each happiness and sorrow,
  used to converse as if  there was no tomorrow.
  Her happiness meant to me the world,
  I couldnot see her even a little troubled.
  Silence between us was most soothing,
  We could feel  our hearts conversing.
  To again start talking she used to say I love you with a blush,
  those moments i could feel  blood moving in my veins in a rush.
  One fine day i conversed  with my heart,
  realized she was its very big part.
  There was no looking back after that day,
  am now living in a dream world hoping to be with her someday someway.

  10th Feb, 2009
  Infosys campus, Mysore


  1. Excellent ladke....
    gud going....
    ab poet bhi ban gaya tu....

  2. thanks thanks :)

    na na..poet nahi banaa....
    date dekh..bahut purani hai ye ..