Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Those sunny days

First job is always special. For me too it is but in addition it is very close to my heart. My first job was in Infosys. I worked there for exactly 7 months  in mysore campus. The first 4 months were arguably the best days of my life and last 3 months definitely the worst days of my life.
Just  couple of minutes back I was searching in my laptop any entry I wrote this very date one year ago and I found one. Not related to infy as i thought but The strange thing in it was I had written the title of that entry as Random Thoughts. So the mystery of my blog name being “ Random Thoughts “ clears with this. Frankly even I had no clue how come I ended up giving this name to my blog. So I myself got surprised finding this connection. J
Now what  I was doing exactly 2 years ago. Pheww…just a thought of it is enough to bring shivers to my body. I was contemplating leaving my job.It was 2009 , year of recession , people were finding hard to get a job and I was considering leaving it. The worst part was I hadn’t got in a B school dat time and even worst was I was not even in first waiting list of any B school. So in all like my peers said to me during that time I was mad.
But I have no hard feelings about it. Even today I get excited whenever name of Infosys comes up and I tend to refer it to as my company J . It was my decision to join Infosys, a decision which wasn’t liked by my mom since I had a job offer in Noida from a big US company. But then I always have been a fan of Mr Murthy so infy was d obvious choice for me. I spent amazing first few months in beautiful mysore campus. I miss the good times spent there..watching movies in big theatre every weekend , playing basketball, table tennis etc , long walks with friends,studying and being one of the toppers in batch . I made couple of best friends there in campus with whom I talk almost everyday even today. So name of Infosys brings a smile to my face.
At the same time whenever name of Infosys comes up , it reminds me of the last 3 months in campus wherein I lost my peace of mind. Every step I took went wrong , I guess I ran out of luck during those months. Personally things were worse and then some stupid Infosys HR policies made my life more miserable. I realized that in such a big IT company its very difficult to get heard and noticed and that killed my enthusiasm to work. Eventually after giving everything a deep thought, I resigned this very date.
So in all those were the best and worst days of my life J


  1. when you are unsure how to proceed, stop.
    Be still and enter into the silence. Allow your mind to cease its restless thinking. Wait. Let the answer come in its time

    it helps u :)

  2. I was absolutely sure den n even today I feel I took the right decision :)

  3. well.. infy was nice to me... but the HR policies in the SEZ areas are sad... so i also quit due to the HR policies.. so i can undi ur pain! :P

  4. Yeah..i hope dey do bring in some change in dere HR policies in future ..
    I guess its just bcoz of over 1 lakh employees dey r not able to deal with cases on an individual basis...
    d system governs people dere :(