Sunday, 24 April 2011

Strange Beliefs

I read daily horoscope…I guess now its been 7-8 years I been doing this every morning…..I read it online on Times of India website and also in Delhi Times…TOI just gives one line of prediction for the day whereas Delhi Times is a little more in detail….
I read them just for fun..n try to make a link with my life to the prediction… sometimes they do bring a smile on my face…Like today ….last couple of days were bad for me….So just now I read my horoscope for Sunday….It says “Today will bring about a complete reversal of yesterday’s dismal trends “ …wow…this is kinda little motivation…sunday is gonna be a good day J
Horoscopes are general…as in dey same for everyone having that sun sign…..A variation of it is Tarot Cards….which is more for individual…..I do kinda believe in tarot cards …I have got them done couple of times till now…n strangely they have proved to be correct…First time I went for it …it was just for fun…n I got some predictions done for my coming year….second time I went for them was after a year ..n dat time it was with intent…bcoz all d predictions had come true in the previous year….Strangely second reading also proved to be true….So I am kinda believer in it and is looking forward to another tarot reading soon J
VaastuShastra is another thing about which am not sure…am kinda little against it but again cant challenge it n eventually I accept what it says…bcoz of it I got my room changed 3 years ago…d worst part was it was done after I had got my room painted with a fundoo color and then when I was about to move in …My dad got to know that actually dere has been a little mistake and as per VaastuShastra my room is other one…N other room wall color was different… L
Last thing related to luck/future are my accessories…I been wearing a ring since 11th standard…It is supposed to bring luck to me…its bcoz in my kundli dere is something very bad and as per many Pandits am never destined to get what I desire the most at any point of time…so d way out is this ring which will atleast ensure I get the second best thing available J
Den I been wearing a Kara( it’s a bangle ) since childhood… Its one of the five khalsas of Sikhism…a symbol of truthfulness, unity  and strength.
Latest addition last month in this list is a symbol of evolution..which am wearing in neck….Its supposed to help me evolve as a better human being… though I doubt so :D
Then there is Turkish eye bracelet… It protects against evil eye… I have put it in my i10…just to ensure that someone doesn’t come n hit my lovely  car J


  1. tell u somethin... there is ntn like these superstitious beliefs... there just are energies... +ve & -ve... so, if u feel +vely for somethin, it will work for u, else not... eg... i was asked to wear some pukhraj thing... i hated it... so ntn went rite till i kept wear it.. 1 fine day, i just threw it away & things fell back on track... my kundali says, i wont do my MBA, & if atall i start, i will leave it... i just got 2 exams left... there is no f***in way, i wld quit...
    i dont read the horoscope... cuz i dont believe in it... so it never comes true fr me... so, just believe in urself.. & things will fall in2 place itself!

  2. hmm...ya..true..its more of an attitude towards dese kinds of things :)
    i dont believe in future predictions by baba n all ... Its just mom said to do all dis...n i followed her command...
    N now dey r just part of my life..n since i accept them easily it shows i do feel little positive abt them :)