Friday, 1 April 2011

Marriage talks

Oh yeah , it happened at my home too. Today morning 7 o clock was the auspicious time. No no my parents didn’t wake me up to talk about it , It was just I slept early yesterday night so was up early.
Well frankly I wasn’t expecting a talk on this issue so soon. More so because dad already knew my future plans, we have had a conversation about this few months back, my short term goal  of going to US for MBA and work in next 3-4 years. But Mom had no idea about this, I think dad was too scared to tell her about my plans.
But the other half of me wanted to have a talk on this issue. This is because I overheard my mom on phone couple of months back telling her friend that Rahul has a girlfriend so I need not search a girl for her. I was stunned to hear this because I had told my sisters to convey it to my mom that am single. This is because they were the ones who couple of years back without asking me  went to her n said that am going around with someone. So I told them clear things out now. As expected my sisters didn’t do this. So I went to my sisters and asked why didn’t they tell this important thing to mom and I got a strange reply “ Rahul tere chal chalan single vale hai hi nahi , u go out for couple parties, night outs , new cities,always chatting on phone or on laptop , mumma papa kuch nahi kehte sirf ye soch kar ki u r in some serious relationship” .
Phew at that time..i thought ok if this is keeping my parents and me happy then let it be . hehe….
So today the conversation started with dad asking me “ rahul we have got some rishtey for you in last couple of weeks , so what shall we do “. I stared at dad and he got my point, so he said mom wanted to ask this.
I said that I need to settle down in career and plus have to go for Exec MBA , so I need around 5 years.
Mom was shocked to hear this and said “ 5 saal to bahut hote hai..itna time na na….”.
I felt am on a negotiation table that point of time.
She continued “ U get married in 3 years and then take her also to US and do studies n all there and then come back “ . Dad also nodded in affirmation. I also nodded just to finish the topic off.
As I was about to get up Dad fired a bouncer . “ Rahul are we actually supposed to search a girl for you “.
“Woaaah…mom n dad u r supercool.” i said to myself in mind.
I said “Yes you have to , but start the search only after 2 years. There is no point in searching a girl right now because if some parents are looking for a alliance for their daughter they will like to marry her in max 1 year. So wait for couple of years.”
I thought I made a lot of sense there. But my parents seemed puzzled. I said “ kya hua “ .
Dad replied “ U serious , we have to look for a girl “ . Mom continued “ Hum to soch rahe the … “ .
I intervened “ Yes mumma papa you have to do this hard work for my marriage “ J J


  1. simply simply loved it :)))))
    rauuull u serious "they have to kYa"??

  2. I guess they must have already started searching... :D

  3. finally.... they hav realized that cannot rely on u any more for this... chalo better late than never !! :P ;)

  4. sure in 3 years dey can find a mast kudi for me :D