Thursday, 21 April 2011


It is an amazing feeling…makes u smile….makes u cry…
U see children in school uniform on road and u get nostalgic abt ur school days…U cross a place where u used to go for dates…u get nostalgic….sometimes even a song which plays up suddenly on radio…even dat drives u into nostalgia.
I get nostalgic very easily. In addition to places, people , songs one more thing which drives me into nostalgia is Dates  ( Calendar vali not date date vali J ). I remember almost all the important dates, I don’t need FB to know if today is birthday of a close friend of mine. Like that, I remember all the dates of my past.  Therefore, if today is a very important date I remember what exactly I was doing 1 year ago, 2 years ago till the year that date actually got special for me.
Its much easier to stop being nostalgic on listening a song…More easy to stop being nostalgic on visiting a particular place….But this Dates funda…I find it hard to stop…More so because its very rare that some other thing happens on that particular date making me remember that date for new reason….
There are some dates which I will definitely like to forget .. I wish there was some way I could delete them from my memory forever ….
Nostalgia is good as long as it is about memories we wish to remember……


  1. u have written ur 1st para EXACTLY the way i write... u know what... i even write in my main exams like that... as if im like talkin to the freakn teacher thru my answer ;P

  2. nah... ur chorring my style :P

  3. oh ya....i am one of ur freakin teachers who chked ur papers na :P :P

  4. aap kabhi paper mein fail hue .. ? nahi na ...
    if i was d checker den ho jaate :D

  5. presenting papers is my forte.. even if i dunno enuf to pass... tab bhi i write so beautifully that no teacher wld wanna fail me... NOT EVEN YOU! :P

  6. I believe in quality not quantity n beauty :P

  7. thatz the beauty of my writing...
    i dont write write quantity...
    i just make u believe in whatever i write as quality ;P
    all my teachers have told me.. that im excellent at orals & debates... cuz i have a superb convincing power... i can give even the wrongest of answers with such confidence that u wld believe that im correct! ;P

  8. am not like d other teachers who have chked ur papers in the past :P ...
    I will be able to find out what u have written isnt quality rather in one of my teachers words " its bull shit " :P ....

  9. you may have an eye for bull shit.. but i do have a flair for writing ;P
    + my bull shit is much more intellectual than 90% of teh bull shit other students will ever give u dahlin ;P

  10. but at the same time am a very gud reader :) ..... so i dont think any kind of bull shit will get marks from me :D

  11. i knw u like what i write

  12. yeah ..dats true..but whatever i have read so far written by u was gud ...not bull shit na :)

  13. i write fiction... 3rd person... frustration... if none of it was bull shit to u... then im sure, ntn is :P

  14. I believe fiction is always inspired by reality....
    a 3rd person always exists in dis world somewhere ...
    Frustration is a human feeling which never lies...
    so none of them is bull shit :)

  15. well, then i just never bull shit... im the face of reality... so u wont be able to fail me in any case SIR ;P

  16. u write what is in ur mind...
    n dere is a difference between actual reality n whats in ur mind :P
    so i will judge what u have written is reality or not n den accordingly give u marks or a BIG ZERO :P