Thursday, 21 April 2011

Friendship and Love : A big difference

He grew up watching SRK movies… started imagining that love is actually what is shown in his movies…started dreaming that he will also fall in love like what is shown in his movies. When he heard the famous dialogue by SRK in the movie kuch kuch hota hai “Pyar...pyar dosti hai..aur agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti to main usse kabhi pyar nahin kar sakta “, he decided that moment itself  of  settling down with his best girl – friend he will have in future. He felt that would be the best thing to happen to him. 
10 years later he had a girl as his best friend. He liked her a lot as a person. They were so good together and transparent to each other that he shared his stupid dream with her. She acted maturely to it and told him dat he is acting stupid and immature. Love and friendship are different and are not to be mixed. She said that he didn’t love her so no point in thinking of it.
He felt sad but decided he will wait till the time she gets convinced about him n agree for it.
Then entered a girl in his life. A girl who changed his life. A girl with whom he fell in love.The progress of her being his friend to love was so fast that there wasn’t even a moment when she was his best friend. Even then his best girl- friend remained the same and she had started feeling jealous on seeing him moving towards her .
The guy was completely in love. He now knew what love was . But his dream got over very soon. The girl didn’t love him that much to think about a future with him. She was too much focused on her career to think about all this. She left him for her own good. He was shattered. He felt that he lost everything in his life. But he was happy that he got a chance to experience what it is like to be in love.
He called up his best girl- friend and thanked her for support and also for acting maturely earlier and not letting him do mistake which would have spoilt their friendship. But he was surprised when he noticed she was crying. She said she loves him. He was stunned. He wasn’t feeling lucky that his childhood dream of being in relationship with his best friend was about to get true, he was feeling sad that now he had experienced love he didn’t feel the same for her. He had realized that there is a big difference between friendship and Love. With deep pain he started explaining this to her and in his mind he knew that soon he was going to lose his best girl-friend in addition to girlfriend which he had just lost a week back. 
He was left confused if falling in love was the best thing to happen to him or the worst.....


  1. u experienced it,take it on positive note as u can now differentiate SRK lolzz

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