Thursday, 7 April 2011

A short Real Story

I remember that day clearly. My bestest friend, my lifeline introduced me to a person I think around 4 years back. His introductory line startled me a bit, he said “ Rahul meet him , he is a guy I idolize , I love his optimist approach in life. Everytime I have some problem or am feeling little sad, I go up to him and he gives me so many beautiful perspectives about life and my issues that I smile and forget them. “
I felt little jealous of him. I will put it as human nature. J Then I thought if he is saying so highly about him he must be worth that much. Therefore, I started talking to him more. We became good friends. I learnt a lot from him. Oh yeah he was an optimist person. Not at all scared of life. We had many things in common, except a few like he never chased girls , oh no no…he was straight. :P
 His life revolved completely around his college guys gang, his family, studies, playing football, cricket , volleyball. He was good both in studies and in sports. He was always smiling. He loved his family and close friends a lot , a complete altruistic person. I remember he used to call everyone with “ aap” and was very polite.
He finished his graduation with us. Slowly slowly his small little world started to expand. His professional and personal life made him meet new people . He got busy in his life  and we in ours. He had no time for his passion, sports. We could not catch up regularly. He called me up one day, he was ecstatic , he was in love and had a girlfriend. My bestest friend and I were very happy and at same time little surprised , he was never after girls and he ended up with a girlfriend and we were still single.
The last to last time I met him was around 2 years ago. My bestest friend had come to Delhi for vacation , I had got admission in B school in Delhi and he was also here. He was trying hard to get into a B school. We both were very surprised to see how much he had changed. We could not feel the optimism and happiness that we always used to feel being around him. We asked him what is going wrong. We got to know he lost his girlfriend, then job and hadn’t got into a B school. He lived at a distance to his family and friends. He had lost purpose in his life.
We started reminding him about him. His optimist approach in life that we were a fan of. The way he used to speak, his politeness and altruistic nature. However, he did not listen to us. He kept asking one question repeatedly “If I was so good person then why bad happened to me”. We had no answer to it. We took him for counseling. He came out with one learning “Give time to time “ . He learnt to control his mind and heart. Yes, he wasn’t still the usual himself but he was in control of his body. He wasn’t smiling but he stopped crying after every 15 minutes. He started sleeping in nights. Started meeting friends.
Luckily he got admission in a B school. My bestest friend went  to US for higher studies and I too got busy in my MBA. We all three were in touch. He was showing signs of little improvement. The world had changed him for good. He was now stronger person. He started dealing with things and problems maturely. He was calm and composed when things didn’t go his way, his next break up den next. He didn’t shed even a single tear.
Last month I again got a chance to meet him. I was so happy to see him. His usual smile was back, I felt same kind of optimism. But then I was amazed. I saw his other side. He was actually two different personalities. One for his close ones and one for rest of the world. He had adapted himself to live life in two different worlds. One his small inner dream world which consisted of his closed ones , the other one was outer world. I realized getting into his inner world is really difficult, he doesn’t allow anyone to enter it easily.
I called up my friend in US and told him about it. He also said that he had a telephonic conversation with him and he too felt the same. We both are really happy for him now. J J
He has come a long way in last 3-4 years and today is looking forward to life with same optimism and happiness. He is not the same but I think he has changed for good. He is now very much ready to face the world and at same time is almost back to the same loving and caring person for his close ones. J
I love him a lot, I talk to him regularly now, and he makes me smile and feel happy about life. J J Thanks a lot for being there with me. J


  1. very well written, hats off to your friendship :). Some friends are always there for you, near or far and no matter how much is the distance or since how long you haven't talked to each other, the connection never fades away... The moment you hear your friend, you know he is happy, sad or excited or depressed.... these are the real friends for life and the most precious ones.